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Out print casts are made by gently pressing your child's hand or foot into a really soft clay.

We then fill this with plaster to make the out print, which can be coloured in a variety of ways and either framed or left with a ribbon to hang it.

Prices start at £80 for an unframed piece and £100 for a framed piece with up to two hands/feet.

Out print casting

This is a sample of a framed stone cast painted and waxed in silver.  We can also colour these in bronze, gold and rose gold as well as polished plaster.  

We have wide selection of frames to suit most tastes, including some with space for a photo of your baby. We are happy to source a particular frame if you wish to match with other frames in your home.

Prices from £155 depending on age, frame style, and home visit.

Our Stone is weather resistant and very strong.

3D Foot casting

Similar to the stone plaster out prints, but finished in resin bronze.  These pieces are heavier than the plaster, and look and feel similar to solid bronze.

They can be left freestanding with a ribbon to hang them or framed.

Prices from £180


Dog paw out prints

These pieces are lovely to enable you to hold your baby's tiny casts for years to come.

They are made in my workshop from start to finish.  With this piece it is necessary to make a second mould which can be reused at any point and this is always given to the customer along with the finished casts.

The resin bronze looks and feels similar to solid bronze, although it isn't as heavy or as expensive.  It comes in several different colours depending on the metal mix you choose, and can come with or without a patina.  A superior finish to stone plaster especially for a freestanding piece.

Prices from £260 a pair.

resin aluminum feet

The timeless elegance of Lead Crystal is hard to photograph well.

These make heavy pieces that are lovely to handle.

Prices from £550

35% lead Crystal casts

These pieces are truly beautiful, cast in solid bronze with the help of a wonderful foundry we have used for years.

We can make these pieces in several different colours, from almost black to the black/gold shown in the photo.

These pieces age beautifully and gain their own natural patina with time.  

Price will vary depending on the size of the piece and the price of bronze at the time.

We are happy to provide a quote on request.

Solid Bronze hand clasp

These casts can be made by applying a layer of nickel plating to either a stone plaster cast, or more often to solid bronze cast.

It gives a wonderful silver finish with no yellowing.  This is finish is of the highest quality and gives a lovely heavy piece that will become a real family heirloom 

Prices on request.

Nickel plated foot casts

We can create a cast from just a tiny baby right up to a full family cast in one piece.

The family circle casts shown here is very popular and can be made with three family members upwards.

Prices will vary depending on the number of family member in a cast and the medium used.  We can cast these pieces in stone plaster right through to Nickel plate.  

Prices start from £350 for a family of four.  We can accommodate smaller or larger family sizes.

Family circle casting

As well as casting babies we can also cast your pet dog etc.

These casts can be finished in any of the mediums above and prices will vary depending on the size of the dog and the medium used.

We can cast the paw in 3D as shown here, or as an out print.  We can include the owners hand, holding the dog of you wish.  We are currently experimenting with casting dog’s noses and hope to introduce these casts soon.

Prices from £90

3D dog paw
Casting options: Project


Belly bowls are a popular way to capture your form a few weeks before baby is born.  They are suitable for newborn photo shoots just after baby arrives and can later be painted in any way you choose or left plain.  Prices start from £45.

low def belly bowl

A high definition belly casting will capture not only your shape, but also every fine line and wrinkle of your form.  We can cast anything from a simple belly to a full torso, with your own, your partners or you older children’s hands. 

Prices start from £150 for a simple belly bowl,  A full torso casting with hands similar to the photo cost from around £650.

high def belly casting

A Low definition belly casting can be made for just your bump or of your full torso.  It can include hands of you, your partner or older children.  We are now able to offer these casts in raw form, or smoothed and painted in any design of your choosing.  Please ask us for further details.

Prices from £45 for a simple belly bowl to around £150 for a full torso as shown in the photo

low def belly casting
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