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This is a gift voucher for £100 to be spent towards either a 3D casting or out-print of your family member.

Once purchased a gift voucher showing the amount spent will be sent to the person buying the voucher, or to a recipient of your choice.  The voucher can be redeemed by calling Dinkie Dannies and making an appointment for a casting to be made.

It is suggested that before purchase you call us to ensure we will carry out a home visit in your area and the full cost of any casting you are likely to want to have made.

Our most basic framed casting cost from £155 so this voucher will not cover the full cost of a casting and the recepient will need to pay extra towards the costs.  Please be aware of this before you make a purchase.  We do sell vouchers for the full cost of a casting.

Gift voucher towards a 3D casting or outprint

  • Gift Vouchers are avaiable in sums of £50, £100 and £135 as standard.  

    The purchase of a gift voucher can be used against any casting in our range, but may not cover the full cost of the casting.  We are happy to provide a quote for anything you have in mind and issue a voucher to cover the full cost - please email us for further details.

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