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What's in a Name ?

I am often asked why my business is called Dinkie Dannies. It's my baby, and it took me ages to choose a name for her. It was a whole family affair, discussing the possibilities we considered "Blue Goo", which is the name my kids gave to the mould making material I use. At the time there was a huge casting house called Magic Custard and having a name similar to theirs seemed a great idea.

After several weeks of trying different ideas, around the forever theme, baby theme etc we hit upon Dinkie Dannies. It never occurred to us that anyone wouldn't know what the meaning was, so we were really surprised when everyone asked, and they still ask !

Most people know that Dinkie is slang for small, although I spell it oddly, so it looks similar to the Dannies, with the "ie" instead of the "y".

The Dannies comes from our childhood, both my own, which was spent in the South of the Country, close to the town of Romsey in Hampshire, a stones throw from where we live now. My Husband grew up in Scotland. So, it was natural that as we both knew this word others would too.....

You have to be a certain age to remember playing outdoors, in the street, with your mates after school. Life wasn't much different to now-a-days, the kids at play, Dad at work, and Mum tied to the kitchen sink ! When Dad got home supper would be served. Our play outside would be interrupted by Mum or Dad coming to the front door and calling us in with a " Go wash your Dannies, it's time for tea" !

So from the South Coast of England, to the West Coast of Scotland for our family Dannies was and always has been your hands. As it's hands and feet I cast mainly it seamed the perfect name for my little business. The years have rolled by, 14 in business now, and the name still seams perfect to us. We hope now you know where it comes from it seams perfect to you too.

That was over 14 years ago, when I first set up this business, since then I've been casting Dannies big and small, from new born babies to adults in their 90's. I still love what I do. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of having a casting made of your baby, children, the whole family or your pets then please do get in touch. I'm always more than happy to have a no obligation chat. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram @DinkieDannies if you want to keep up with what we are up to here.


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