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Lazy Sunday

Today has been a lovely lazy Sunday. We started by meeting family for brunch in a lovely local cafe in Lyndhurst, and then has a wonder around the village, looking in the lovely small local shops in the high street.

My family always insist on having a beach walk, so we headed to Hordle Cliff for a windy walk with the Dog and a crunch along with shingle. Then we headed to the Chandlers in Lymington, for a lovely coffee and cake rest. Just the perfect Sunday.

It's half term this week, and I am lucky enough to be home with the kids, we are planning a bit of spring cleaning and some down time, but I also have a few casts to work in, including the need to start making a mould of a lovely piece I am restoring for a family, but I am hoping to get a little rest too so I am ready to tackle anything that life throws at me once the kids are back in school.

I hope you have had a great weekend too, and are able to get some me time.

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